Ride to Grand Rapids

Going home for the break or maybe just for the weekend? If you are looking for a ride or have extra space this is the forum for you.

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Ride to Grand Rapids

Postby miargero » Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:03 pm

I need to get downstate for a job tryout day sometime in the next two weeks. I'll be driving down the day before, staying the night, and then driving back after the tryout. I'm renting a small car to get down there. Any help with gas would be nice, so if you're interested in visiting Grand rapids for two half-days, and you have boatloads of money, hit me up. I'm not much for conversation, but I can listen just fine, and there's always music and audiobooks. The cost for gas and rental will probably end up totaling around $180, so for 2 people, that'd be $90 each, for 3, $60, for 4, $45.
email me(Micah Argeropoulos) at miargero@nmu.edu if you're interested.
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